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BC Magic Mushrooms is Your Gobal Spore Print and Spore Syringe Connection

Amsterdam Shrooms Bank offers you the finest cannabis and marijuana seeds at affordable prices. We offer a large selection of magic mushroom spores for medical users as well as recreational users. All magic mushrooms and spore syringes are medical grade.



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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Why Amsterdam Magic Mushroom Spore Bank is the World's Best Shroom

We have been breeding magic mushrooms in Amsterdam for over 23 Years. We used to be a smart shop until we closed our store front and moved 100% online.

We have feminized strains, we have auto flowering feminized strains, and we have auto flowering feminized dwarf cannabis seeds. We have it all! All made in The Nederlands. The trade in Cannabis seeds is 100% legal in Holland and the entire country of the Netherlands.

We have Auto flowering cannabis strains automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage with age, instead of the light cycle, using 18-24 hours of light, then switching to 12 hours of light to induce flowering.

We work with only strong gentics that Autoflower the quickest. Many Auto's sold by other seed banks can take over 100 days to flower, upsetting many customers.

Our autoflowering seeds will be ready to harvest starting from germination, in less than 8-10 weeks. Our Dwarf auto flowering strains have a shorter height.

Cool, Free Seeds with your order. How many?

For a limited time, we are offering you free cannabis seeds with every single order. Beat the rush before the freebies are all taken.